Art in Nature, You Simply Need to Find It

I’m always amazed by how the world around us can create such beautiful art in nature. You only need to stop and look around, before you know it you will start to notice all sort of beautifully crafted art with some unusual artists.

Recently, my wife and I were in Diani in Kenya. We really needed a little get away from Ethiopia and there is nothing like a beach holiday.

We didn’t have the greatest weather while we were there but in all honesty that made the trip even more special. It rained for two of the 3 days we were there. That rain meant that we had to make do with the little gaps in showers to enjoy the outdoors.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

~ Albert Einstein

However, because it was raining it also meant that there were not many people around. This meant that we would usually have the beach to ourselves. I usually am a keen observer and not long after stepping onto the beach, I noticed something in the sand.

Nature is Always Creating Art

Meet the sand blubber crab. These little crabs live in the sand and during high tide, their little burrows are usually under water. As soon as the tide goes out, however, these little crabs become artists in their own right.

Working in a radial pattern, these crabs look for food in the sand. When they do this they create little balls of sand that they begin to leave outside of their burrows. I spent a few minutes watching the crab in this picture draw out the flower in the sand.

I spent a few minutes watching the crab in this picture draw out its very own version of a flower it had never experienced in the sand.