I Dream of Africa

Let’s be honest – Captivity Sucks!

While in Chang Mai in Thailand, my then girlfriend now wife and I, went to the Tiger Kingdom park. I’m not a big fan of zoos and seeing animals behind cages but this was a chance to interact with some tigers.

I couldn’t pass up on it.

To be honest, the whole experience was a fantastic one. However, the entire experience took a bit of a nose dive when I saw this lion in the cage. It looked so forlorn and lonely. It spent its time with its head against the wire cage staring blankly outwards.

I’m not sure why I felt sorrier about the lion than I did for the tigers who were also in cages. Perhaps it was because the tigers had other tigers to play with; or maybe is was because being from Africa myself I related more to the lions as one of my own than I did with the tigers.

Either way, the feeling I got watching this lion can be summed up simply in the quote below:

“I’d rather be a free man in my grave, than to live life as a puppet or a slave” – Jimmy Cliff




  1. Oh, this picture makes me so sad!
    when you come across a photo (with a perfectly depictive title) it evokes emotions that you just cant shake off….great shot.

    1. I totally agree Bitanya. I still remember exactly how I felt taking this picture.

  2. When anyone have something to strive or live for then there is hope but when losing that hope the meaning of life have no substance, the story behind the lion picture not only express sadness also losing hope.
    Great photo , you have an to capture stories .

    1. I’m pleased that the image resonated with you. I appreciate the comment and the feedback.