The Little Things in Life

How cool does this little dude look?

Sometimes I like to sit and observe what’s going on around me. In fact, being still brings you opportunities to notice the smaller things in life that are happening all around us.

While sitting still at the restaurant at Bishangari Lodge, sadly severely damaged during the recent unrest in Ethiopia, I noticed this little spider crawling over the toothpicks sitting on the table. I was immediately fascinated and drawn to the little guy (I don’t know how you tell if an insect is a guy or a girl) and his epic journey across the toothpicks.

The point of this little story is that sometimes it’s when you are at the stillest moment in time that the most beautiful things happen. This is especially true in nature where blending into the environment means that you enjoy more of your surroundings.

Believe me, once you stay quiet, sit still and observe your surroundings you’ll notice that nature is not quiet and not still. It too is always moving, searching and forging ahead in the constant struggle for survival.